This blog is here as kind of a fitness journal for me and hopefully, maybe some inspiration for you. I believe that fitness isn't just about what we look like in a pair of William Rast jeans. It's about balance, health, motivation, challenge, self esteem & joy.
I have fat genes and fat jeans! I am Mexican and Portuguese and if I don't watch it, my body will blow up faster than you can say "Gorditia". I work everyday at keeping fit. I'm at a point now where it is fun for me to workout (trust me, not every day) but, most. I start every morning thinking about what time I can work out today and what am I going to do. I'm not one of those people that get up at the same time and do the same workouts each day. No way! I would be so bored working out and my body would probably never change. I don't even have a gym membership (partly because I live in California where you can pretty much workout outside year round). I have to mix things up, so each day I do something different. .
Some days I go all out and others I feel like a sloth and do nothing or I have all the intention to workout and something comes up and I don't fit it in, oh well. Remember Fitness is about Health & balance, not obsession.
On this blog I'm going to be posting a daily record of what I do to stay fit and how I lost all the baby weight. There are comment sections at the end of each post and I would love to hear any new ideas, work outs, inspiration or encouragement that you might have for me and anyone reading. Just don't critique my spelling, punctuation or grammar! I know it's bad, but keep reading and just breathe....

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Mermaid Duathon

             ALISHA, JAIME & ANDREA

Friday, August 6, 2010


I'm sittin looking at my sneakers
I really need to unwind,
It's time to get my exercise in
and clear the worries from my mind,

Grab the keys off the table
quickly bailed out the door,
then burnt off in
my 4-runner four by four,

Another nice sunny day
livin here in Santa Cruz,
bout to run on the beach
just barefoot no shoes,

That's the way out Pops taught
Its ninety percent in the mind,
Thus we've followed this tradition
For a very long time,

When the run's finally done
we sit down before we leave,
Let God know we're grateful
For the air that we breathe,

Glad I'm feeling much better
I got my run out the way,
I don't know about you
But running brightens up my day.....

written by: Niko & Andrea

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


lunges up and down my driveway holding 8lb. medicine ball. 250 lunges total
50 Russian twist sit-ups holding medicine ball
20 push-ups
20 pull-ups


Jules and I went to the Mavericks surf contest.
Didn't workout But, we did lots of walking uphill.

Valentines day workout:
6 mile cruiser bike ride (with Cruz in the little seat)
100 sit-ups
20 push-ups
I wont talk about my last workout of the day, it was a good one though. ;)

10 pull-ups
50 Russian twist sit-ups
35 each leg. table top leg raises

Friday, February 12, 2010

Quinoa "The Mother Grain"

Quinoa a great alternative to rice! you can also get other quinoa products like, tortillas, pasta, polenta and lots more!

It is called quinoa (pronounced keen-wa), and is a grain that comes from the Andes Mountains of South America. Quinoa's origins are truly ancient. It was one of the three staple foods, along with corn and potatoes, of the Inca civilization. Quinoa was known then, and still is known, with respect, as the mother grain. We call it the "Supergrain of the Future."

Quinoa contains more protein than any other grain; an average of 16.2 percent, compared with 7.5 percent for rice, 9.9 percent for millet, and 14 percent for wheat. Some varieties of quinoa are more than 20 percent protein.

Quinoa's protein is of an unusually high quality. It is a complete protein, with an essential amino acid balance close to the ideal ... similar to milk!

Quinoa's protein is high in lysine, methionine and cystine. This makes it an excellent food to combine with, and boost the protein value of, other grains (which are low in lysine), or soy (which is low in methionine and cystine).

Rich & Balanced Source of Nutrients
Besides its unique protein, quinoa also provides starch, sugars, oil (high in essential linoleic acid), fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Easy on the Stomach
Quinoa is light, tasty, and easy to digest. It is not sticky or heavy like most other grains, and it has a delicious flavor all its own.

Quick and Simple to Prepare
A whole-grain dish of quinoa takes just 15 minutes.

Quinoa can be substituted for almost any grain in almost any recipe. It looks and tastes great on its own, or in any dish from soup to salad.

Perfect for Summertime
Many people eat grains only during the colder months, but quinoa's lightness combined with its versatility in cold dishes like salads and desserts makes it an ideal source of good summertime nutrition.

check out this website for more info:

Runmeter App. for your iPhone 3G/3GS

Check out this App. if you have an iphone.
This could be a great motivation tool for all you runners and walkers!
you can purchase it on itunes for $4.99


Walk Walk Walk

I went walking two times yesterday, an hour each time. (pushing the triple stroller)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm running a 1/2 marathon in April with Jaime and Ryan and I haven't been doing much training for it. I opened my book "4 months to a 4 hour marathon" and found some good tips & inspiration.
So, last night I ran some sprints and inclines on my treadmill for about 30 Min's.
I also did 10 pull ups and 20 push ups.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Alisha had told me about a great yoga class on Sunday mornings at motion pacific. There is a teacher there named Mike who is supposed to be really good. So, on Sunday morning I picked her up and we went and did the class together. I didn't look to see but I think it was Vinyasa? He did a lot of toning & hip opening poses. I have been doing yoga for years and I am always interested in trying out new teachers. He was really great and the next day my whole body felt sore. I love that.
If you want to check out one of his classes here in Santa Cruz, you can find him at motion pacific downtown Santa Cruz. You will be able to find him at Gina's new studio on Washburn off Ocean st. starting March 1st.

A couple hours after yoga I decided to go for a run on the beach (Dads run) about 4 miles. Ryan had Cruz and a pumped bottle so I still had some time.

The ancient art of Yoga Vs The Irish art of getting pissed

Saturday, February 6, 2010


went on a cruise bike ride.
did the 30 day shred!

wanted to run but it was about to rain

Friday, February 5, 2010


went for an hour walk
did some table top leg raises ( I think that's what they are called?)
a couple pull-ups.
I'll post a video of me doing some of these workouts so you know which is what.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Ryan and I took the babies for a 6 mile walk yesterday. I don't know why I wore flip flops.
3 babies, a triple stroller and ankle weights make for a nice little workout.

I also did the 100's challenge.
my goal was to beat my previous time.
I ended up doing it in half the time!

My results:
100 pull-ups 7:40-7:59 19 minutes
100 push-ups 8:00-8:09 9 minutes
100 sit-ups 8:10-8:14 4 minutes
100 squats 8:15-8:17 2 minutes

34 minutes!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I can workout everyday and still feel fat if I'm eating salty and fatty foods.
I have learned after lots of trial and error what foods work best for my body type.
I have tried the blood type diet, the zone, the lemonade cleanse, no carb diet, spirulina fasts and multiple fad diets. The thing that I learned was you don't have to diet at all. It's a way of eating that ultimately changes your body & health.
I try to eat clean & fresh food.

What I mean by clean is, I don't load on extra condiments like: mayonnaise, ketchup, soy sauce, barbecue sauce, salad dressings etc. there are tons of calories hidden in these dressings. I love flavor but instead I use avocado, balsamic vinegar, Bragg's, hot sauce, pepper and spices. You can have amazing flavor, just be cautious about what you are putting on your food.

What I mean by fresh is simple eat food that comes from the earth. Go organic too!

This is what an average day looks like for me:


coffee w/soy milk & a little sugar
oatmeal w/ a spoonful of peanut butter, some banana or berries & granola sprinkled on top.


hard boiled egg or fruit or nuts or whole grain crackers


Sandwich, whole wheat bread, low sodium turkey, steamed broccoli, avocado, sprouts, soy cheese
flax seed chips or veggies


nuts or turkey or power bar
Turkey burger, brown rice, steamed veggies


If I want to drink then I'll have a gin & tonic or chardonnay

popcorn, air popped (no salt or butter)

Look at her belly after two babies!

Gwen Stefani

Sunday, January 31, 2010


My little Cruzito and my bosu ball!

Here are my workouts for the past couple of days;

Walked on the beach for about 3 miles with ankle weights on
20 push-ups on the bosu flipped over
kept my ankle weights on and did side, front & back standing leg raises 25 times each
50 squats on the bosu
50 Russian twist sit-ups
50 pike sit-ups
20 pull-ups

No workout

50 jump squats
50 squats on the bosu with 10 lb. weights
50 Russian twist sit-ups with medicine ball
20 push-ups on bosu flipped over (sometimes your baby gets in the way)

30 on each leg table top kick backs (these work your butt really well) with ankle weights on
went on an hour walk

Ran 3 1/2 miles with Sonja
did 10 pull-ups

Ran 6 miles with Jaime
30 on each leg table top kick backs
50 Russian twist sit-ups with medicine ball
50 squats
side, front & back standing leg raises 25 times each
sit-ups with leg raises

went for a short bike ride
30 on each leg table top kick backs
20 push-ups
40 pull-ups throughout the day
50 jump squats with pulses
30 standing (back) leg raises

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I did the 30 day shred video.
level 3

It was raining outside and I really wanted to go run in the rain. One of the babies that I watch wasn't getting picked up until 5:45 so, it didn't work out. But, that's why I love the shred. It's only 20 mins. and you get a great circuit training workout right in your living room.
I swear I'm not a spokeswoman for the shred :) I just found a fast workout that's challenging and effective if I'm stuck at home.

Get back in the zone

I admit, it's not always easy to get back into a fitness regime.
Last week I barely did any workouts and this week I feel it.

It's nice not to worry about: getting your workout time in, child care, when you're going to take your shower, motivation, getting into your workout gear, all the stuff that comes with working out. Lets face it, its easy to just hangout with the family and watch TV and eat. but, who wants to get sucked into easy? and unhealthy? and fat? and boring? not me!!
So, here is what I do to get motivated after a week long self-imposed sabbatical.

First: It's in your mind.

When I find myself being stagnant in an area of my life. I remember what Brian Tracy says "get right back in the zone". He tells a story of being really excited and productive and in the zone with his life. Then the next week or month maybe not so great. well, that's okay. Just recognize it and get right back in the zone. This works for me and keeps me motivated. I love being in what I consider the zone. When I realize that I'm not in it, I think of this and start the next day or the next Monday.

-Motivation tip:

I like to listen to motivational Cd's in my car rather than the radio. Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Janine Avila, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill are some of my favorites. Right now I'm listening to Ted Turner "Call me Ted" it's very interesting and inspiring.

Second: Like Nike says "Just Do It".
I know it might be hard to do that first workout, but "Just Do It". Make a decision, get off your butt and go sweat! You will feel empowered and full of endorphins afterward. The next couple workouts should come a little easier. If not, keep going until they do.

Third: Say Thanks
If you have air in your lungs and a body to move, you are blessed. Say Thank you as often as you remember.
I've been running on the beach (at the cement ship) with my Dad since I was a little girl. It has always been tradition to sit next to each other on the beach at the end of our run and say a prayer of Thanks. We take in all the beauty of what we see, how we feel and what we have. I'm telling you it's overwhelming. There is no room for depression when you're focusing on all you have right now. We all have so many things to be thankful for. If you can't think of any just start with the air in your lungs.

Monday, January 25, 2010

sore muscles, dont stop exercising

check out this link about sore muscles


The shred kicks my ass!